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Chili Fries With a Twist
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Chili Fries With a Twist

I was inspired to create this chili fries with a twist recipe using the last ingredients in our pantry. Looking at the recipe photo below you may wonder why the chili fries sauce isn’t more red. I can explain… Our last crushed tomato can contained yellow heirloom tomatoes. These tomatoes’ taste is incredibly complex and […]

Beet Rice Patties
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Beet Rice Patties

These beet rice patties have been on my mind all week long. Last week I tested this recipe and although I made two batches, I AM so ready for more! These patties are so filling and the texture is perfect – they are nice and juicy inside. It’s crazy how much they actually look like […]

perfect pesto pasta
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Perfect Pesto Pasta

Perfect pesto pasta my goto recipe whenever I want a hearty but healthy dish. It’s basically a playful green feast! I am listing my recommended sides and toppings for this perfect pesto pasta, but as always you can substitute with that you have in your fridge. This is an opportunity to use up leftover veggies, […]

sweet face scrub

Sweet Face Scrub

It’s Friday and I am sharing this recipe to help you ease into your weekend. The face scrubs and face creams I ordered from Ravenwood Soap in Vancouver, are currently stuck in customs, so I am taking matters into my own hands. To make my sweet face scrub, which you can actually eat, you will […]

better than hash browns
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Better than Hash browns

Is it just me or is this social quarantine bringing out the weirdest cravings?! My obsessions so far have been: broccoli soup (click highlight for a super creamy broccoli recipe), pancakes (recipe coming up), dates with almond butter and now these homemade hash browns! I woke up today craving deep fried potatoes and I created […]

broccoli soup
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QUICK GFVG Broccoli Soup

I took a little break from posting on my blog, mainly because I had to do some maintenance and I was trying to put it off for as long as I could. lol. Now that everything is fixed and good to go, I am slowly introducing writing weekly posts back to my life. What does […]

3 Ways to Improve your Train Travelling

3 Ways to Improve Train Travel

If you are afraid of flying or are not able to physically travel very far, then the ‘3 ways to improve train travel’ will help you. Hopefully not only will it inspire you to book a trip but also answer some your questions about how to ‘make travelling’ simple and FUN! I will start off […]

modern beach Constanta

The Secret Beach in Constanta

This post will reveal a top secret beach in Constanta that will make your jaw drop, book a flight and enjoy the white sand, blue water paradise. First, let’s put Constanta on the map. Constanța is a city on the shores of the Black Sea, in southeastern Romania. Constanta lies on the western coast of […]

snickers ice cream cake
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Snickers Ice cream cake

This snickers ice cream cake is seriously delicious, vegan, and gluten-free ! A lot of you have sent me private message that I should do a blog post about this CRAZY YUM recipe, so here it is. If you are not a snickers fan this recipe will turn you into one and if you are […]