Month: November 2013

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j a c o b s

According to my viewers, my Toronto category has been lacking a bit. So this post is for my fellow Torontonians. Think steak with fries, red wine and dessert. Not bad, right? Now how does this sound: Starter: Caesar Salad prepared at your tableside Main: Wagyu, California Cut Striploin Sides: Duck Fat French Fried Potatoes with […]



Just one of those days…There is nothing worse than feeling mildly depressed and hearing the rain pound heavily on my window. I think the combination of the two is powerful enough to put me into a deep coma, which I might awake from by having sunlight rays covering my body or seeing kittens walking all […]

recipes, travel

a la tarte

A woman started making quiches and pies. With that vision she opened a charmingly bohemian café serving just that. For her, this café is a place she has always wanted to run. A la Tarte is more than just a coffee shop, it serves organically made pies, quiches, cakes and cookies made in-house every day […]


my kind people

I have been away traveling but now I am back with fresh material for the upcoming week! Also, after a great deal of effort and with help – you can now subscribe to e-mail updates for my blog. Please see the subscription button at the bottom of the page! happy reading… P.S.: Some Germans agree with […]


haida gwaii

-inspirational self journey- is the simplest, truest statement I could come up with to describe my sailing experience in Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlottes) back in 2010. I will do my best to describe a paradise that should be experienced firsthand in order to understand its true beauty. The West Coast has been and […]