Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be a member of a German-Canadian Association panel which selects German students to go for a three months internship to Canada. What an awesome experience…!

All the students were eager to impress, of course some more than others, and with no doubt a rare bunch which left me feeling pretty good that Canada will soon be receiving such astute individuals. I was simply impressed by some of the students’ knowledge and their command of the English language.

What really struck me about those students was how impressed they were with the concept of Canada for some, and for others knowing the place firsthand and wanting to experience working there. Their idea of Canada seemed super eloquent in comparison to, say, the United States. This was a touchy subject for many when asked: “why do you want to go to Canada instead of somewhere else, like the States?” – their responses in general were an eye opener for me. One, for example, found Canadians way more friendly than our southern neighbours. Although, I must say some students managed to keep their answers quite neutral, by focusing on nature.

Side note, the USA has some pretty awesome natural wonders too, e.g. the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest, …

I really loved the students eagerness to explore Canada and some of the students will get some pretty cool internships at the beginning of July spread all over the country – including some in Nunavut!

“Proud to be a Canadian,” is what I thought walking out of the boardroom!!!



I guess a lot of things can affect a person’s way of being in the world but sometimes you can read or discover something that wakes you up. By waking up, I mean seeing things from a fresh perspective – understand something new about yourself or the world you live in. I am always mesmerized how difficult it is to describe a way of being that isn’t relative to a way one is already. My new way of seeing is inspired by a quote I read on a scarf, how fantastic is that for the scarf?

“so fill your head with what’s important and be done with all the rest”

Is it just me or is that quote a never ending battle within the self? And what’s great is it’s printed on a scarf meant to keep you warm. It works; the scarf keeps you warm, while you read the quote over and over until you start to realize that you are getting cold and are in dire need of another scarf, but this time with no words on it.

In light of this quote a new feature will be added to my blog soon, which I am extremely excited about!


how to build a bookshelf

Ideas can pop up when you least expect them. Last week when looking at the ‘typisch deutsch?’ exhibit here in Köln (side note: an English language interview with the artist is here), I saw a very nice white bookshelf filled with all kinds of books written by German authors. My mind wandered and then I thought, well we need a bookshelf just like this one at home.

So I decided to set out into the world and find materials to start building my very own white book shelf.

Here are some very important steps to follow, alongside the pictures:

  1. Sanding of the boards so that the paint can soak in nicely is key
  2. Find a suitable primer for the type of wood or product you are working with. Note that it takes about 6 hours for the primer to dry
  3. Once the primer is all dry, I find it best to do all your measuring and the drilling of holes now
  4. Then find a paint colour that you like and apply lavishly on your dismembered sides of the shelf
  5. Allow all sides to be completely dry – this is where you can test your patience
  6. Assemble your shelf – precise measuring really pays off here
  7. Hopefully you will have a tiny bit of paint left that you can then apply to the end of the screws so that it looks esthetically pleasing
  8. Now your books have a new home!

There are many other variations, but I wanted a simple clean-cut look. One thing to keep in mind is you will need a drill and an equilibrium ruler to make your life a lot easier.

happy books-sm

friday findings viii


This week the Friday findings corner comes a little late.

Last week I was searching the Interweb and I came across something that I simply must share. This video is extremely well done and kudos to all the people in the video!

There is also a super inspirational piece that I am attaching below that really blew my mind. Eternal Sea, Eternal Sky is a poetic piece about self-existence and the mundane tasks that humans must perform to feel as though they belong – to feel alive. Naturally a backdrop for such a heavy existential topic would be in the Nevada desert. What does this video make you think of?

Next week I hope to be writing and photographing a self made project, which will hopefully be concluded!