Month: March 2014



Oh boy, I want to move to London, if I can be guaranteed it will be sunny at least 60% of the time. No, seriously, our last trip to London was amazing and a huge thank you goes out to Susan! It was a nice warm sunny weekend where exploring was all that we did […]



“When it rains it pours” is a saying that can be adapted to describe either negative or positive occurrences in one’s life. I am choosing to write about the latter. It is true that I have been a bit tardy with my blog posts recently, but here is why. I am teaching English three times […]


come one, come all!

Come one, come all is the name of this game, or should I say Karneval! I wrote an earlier post documenting the start of the very famous Karneval here in Köln, which happened on November 11 @ 11:11, and I feel as though I should report on the closing ceremonies of this festival. Oh boy […]