For those of you that know me, you will already know that my favourite dessert is tiramisu! I think it’s a super versatile dessert that can satisfy any sweet craving.

However, I had to say goodbye to this perfectly delicious sweetness because unfortunately it contains gluten, BUT, my wonderful resourceful half discovered gluten-free biscuits exist out there in the world (e.g. here) and decided to surprise me by making tiramisu as our Christmas dessert! It was perfect and, oh boy, we will be making this all the time! Continue reading

simple but delicious

Sometimes the simplest ideas are by far the best. I had some sweet potatoes left and a handful of different spices and herbs, so I decided to simply combine everything together. Magic happened – pure magic 🙂

Sweet potato magic
 Serves 4 people – as a side dish


2 garlic cloves sliced
1 medium size hot pepper
a couple of sage leaves
dash of pepper
dash of turmeric
dash of salt
two table spoons of extra vergine olive oil
4 medium sized sweet potatoes     


Simply cut the sweet potatoes in half and slice the top a bit as well so that the olive oil can seep inside. You cut a baking sheet to fit the potatoes and you let your imagination run wild in terms of how you decorate/spice up your sweet potato. In my example I added all the ingredients above and tied the baking sheet with cooking string. Please remember that while you are busy decorating your potatoes you can let the oven heat up at 300° so that when you are done you can simply put the potatoes in the oven and let them bake until they are soft (about 30 mins). You can also experiment with cinnamon and a balsamic glaze, or you can add cheese and rosemary …whatever you feel like – the sky is the limit.


I hope you enjoy! Happy feasting~!