3 Ways to Improve your Train Travelling

3 Ways to Improve Train Travel

If you are afraid of flying or are not able to physically travel very far, then the ‘3 ways to improve train travel’ will help you. Hopefully not only will it inspire you to book a trip but also answer some your questions about how to ‘make travelling’ simple and FUN!

I will start off being saying long distance travelling is not for everyone. However, NOT travelling at all is impossible. I came up with three ways to help with your train travelling. WHY train ? Well it’s a fantastic experience, you are surrounded by people yet you don’t feel like you are glued to them as if you book an economy plane ticket. NOT to mention that this will cure your fear of flying, because guess what trains don’t fly – YET! The added bonus you can pick from short or long journeys depending where you are in the world. Another bonus it’s a lot more environmentally friendly than flying. Nothing beats observing new landscapes from the comfort of your window seat on a train.

To ensure you get comfortable with the idea of travelling by train, here are three ways to make your train travels easy breezy.

1. Book early

Unlike plane tickets, I find that waiting to book your train tickets last minute isn’t a good idea. Pick a place and book, ASAP! If you are looking for fare deals within Europe check out Happy Rails.

2. Pack light

Travelling light is key to this journey, that means pack only the essentials. For long hauls, comfortable PJs are a MUST. The rest you can buy at your destination point. After all, isn’t travelling about exploring, learning and sustaining the local economies. It’s your duty as a tourist!

3. Relax: You’ve made it!

Take with you anything that helps you relax. This is individual, but I will list my favourite rituals that help me relax. If I have my iPad with me I download 2 girly movies. Once I know I will not be packing my iPad then I will bring 2 books. I pack my favourite snacks and my favourite teas. Catering services on trains often only have one or two types of teas, but if I pack my teas all I do is ask for hot water (which I get for free) and I have my own wide selection of teas. Pack comfy warm socks (slippers take up too much room). I bring along a travel guide for the place I will be visiting so I can study everything and by the time I get there I am well-versed. I pack supplements that help me relax (ashwagandha, magnesium, B12, fish oil). Lastly, I can’t travel without my essential oils (lavender is my go-to).

Now that you read my ways of making your train trip more comfy, what are you waiting for – Book your train TRIP already!!

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