absence makes the heart grow fonder

Been in the far away land of thesisizing and I managed to plant an 88 pages elephant seed which hopefully will grow into something amazing.

Now it’s a bittersweet mood around the house. The stress to complete the master thesis has been lifted, but now a sudden sadness has replaced the stress. Sadness that my 8 hours/day writing routine is no longer here. There is something about writing a scientific paper and your mind being constantly occupied with details and connections. I probably haven’t slept properly in over two months but it felt good to have a passion and a goal.

I have many many people to thank for their support – without each and everyone of them the process would be impossible to complete. I am forever indebted to my other half!

December 4, 2017 has been noted as the date of accomplishment!

They say each accomplishment must be celebrated! We did … dragging a Xmas tree from a farm home and decorating it! It was the best idea EVER! House smells great and it feels like we are real wilderness people. We received such a cute Xmas decoration this year – a sly fox, thank you Gudrun!



And I made an advent calendar that turned out quite nice – nice to look at and comes bearing 24 gifts.


I really do miss the world of blogging…

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