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The spring/summer season was opened with an off-the-chart five course picnic menu, which I am quite proud of. A lot of planning and work went into the hashing out of the details, but the end result made those 2 AM nights all worth it. I am also quite lucky to have found such a wonderful, beautiful free-spirited partner – huge thank you to Sabrina Dion!

Honestly, when you are into a project so much, late nights don’t really seem to affect you. If I were to guess, this is what having a child would fell like; you run on adrenalin and when you can’t go any further you fall asleep with clothes on. Well then, I guess, is my newborn :)!

Here is the full menu from the picnic alongside some amazing pictures taken by a special someone who rocks at photography (here is to you Johanna):

 Nectarines with Canadian whiskey cheese on a homemade crouton
topped with buckwheat honey and basil

canadian whisky cheese-small

Chicken tacos topped with ginger BBQ sauce, yogurt and fresh cilantro

chicken taco up close-small

Gravlax on a fresh baguette garnished with dijon maple syrup sauce and dill

gravlax up close-small

Strawberry with peppered feta salad in a balsamic cream dressing topped with fresh mint

balsamic maple bacon-small

Food canvas

Amuse bouche – raspberry sorbet in freshly squeezed lemonade topped with a cranberry

mint raspberry sorbet-small

Feels so good to have completed the first step and now onto the next – finding events… Truly amazed at people’s responses towards and learning lots! Thank you world!


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