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Who said a trip to the Black Forest can’t be rustically posh? Located in the southwestern part of Germany and surrounded by the Black Forest you can find Bad Herrenalb. As a little girl I remember going here with my family and enjoying the beauty of this place, and I wanted to go back here to explore it as a grown up. I loved it!


It’s all about the outdoors here. Hiking and hunting I would say are the top two activities specific to this area. I went on a couple of hikes which were about 4 hours of intense German wild life extravaganza. See below!

A quick walk around the town and I quickly noticed many people were actually tourists. Where were the locals? The locals were busy running restaurants, hotels, shops and galleries. What I love most about this little town nestled in the Black Forest is night time. All the tiny houses are non-invasively lit up, and people’s chimneys give off a warm crackly fresh wood kind of smoke and smell. I felt instantly warm just looking at this sight and a wave of relaxation surrounded me.


So back to the hiking part… after a four hour hike it totally helps to hole up in a warm comfy room with a spectacular panoramic view at the Schwarzwald Panorama. The hotel is super warm and inviting. The staff members are extremely well trained to provide you with whatever it is you may need. These guys also have a spa and a yoga studio, although while we were there not too many people were using these facilities… The best thing about this hotel is the view from your own private room (see picture), where you can take a nice glass of red and enjoy all the wonderfully organic smells of the Black Forest.

balcony view

The next best thing about this hotel is after you are done enjoying your very own balcony in the wilderness you sink your body into the comfortable bed and instantly you are deep asleep. So, I definitely recommend this hotel and Bad Herrenalb as a whole!

Between the nature walks, fresh air, no light pollution and an amazing view for the hotel balcony I can safely say we will be back one day…

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