If you go to Bavaria you have to do it right. What does that mean?

For one, you have to adopt a grandma and enjoy a traditionally made lunch by her. In Bavaria the most substantial meal of the day is at lunch time, so usually you will be served warm heavy foods. Major tip – bring your appetite. A very authentic Bavarian lunch will consist of Weißwurst with sweet Dijon-like mustard and the famous Brezn. Basically the Weißwurst needs to be bought fresh that day and then it’s boiled for about 5 mins. Reminder: peel the skin counter-clockwise (kidding – you can peel it however you want). You then take the naked Weißwurst freshly dipped in the sweet mustard and enjoy! I found that freshness and quality are the key to enjoying all these savoury lunch items. I walked away loving it!


Secondly, beer!! If you find yourself in this part of the world, take it all in by trying an array of different Bavarian beers and then you will conclude just like I have concluded that these cats only have about one ok beer, while the rest are super! I also tried a “Maßkrug” (a.k.a. one liter mug) of organic dark beer. I would not do that again but it must be tried once by all.  The best is to go to a local restaurant that brews their own beer, sit back and take in the culture. See below some of the tasty beers I tried and loved.


Lastly, visiting Munich, Fraueninsel (an island in lake Chiemsee), and the beautiful Renaissance town of Wasserburg. I will be writing three separate posts to describe these three places in great detail, stay tuned…

Christmas in Bavaria – oh, how I wish I could share it with all of you!

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