bunch of happy happy animals right in the city

The idea of wild animals being captured in a zoo is by no means something I encourage or promote. I have seen many zoos in my life and I always leave with a sense of discouragement and feeling sorry for the captive animals.

Two weeks ago I visited the zoo right in the city of Koln in Germany. From the time I entered the premise a sense of relief surrounded me. The zoo itself is about 20 hectares, which, to put it into perspective, is about 14 times smaller than the Toronto Zoo. It is extremely clean, the animals are interactive with one another and they mate. As I walked around the different exhibits I saw many babies bouncing around their parents. Below is just one example of a baby elephant alongside the mom and dad, but you can find many more examples.

The idea of zoos is still quite daunting for me but the Kölner Zoo seems to be doing something right…



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