Burg Reichenstein

Burg Reichenstein

Burg Reichenstein is a quick hop (2 hours) along the beautiful Rhein from Köln. The castle offers many great vistas, cozy yet modern rooms to stay overnight, as well as a lovely restaurant using only local seasonal ingredients, and it’s within a protected UNESCO site.

Their restaurant caters to many of the different dietary restrictions one might have. But the most interesting part about this castle is its’ secrets…!

Burg Reichenstein

This castle has been in the same family for over 120 years. It is currently owned by the great(…)granddaughter of Olga Kirsch-Puricelli. Her and her family still reside on-and-off in the castle.

Earthiness + gothic = the new modern twist to a 12th century castle site.

If you visit this castle look out for an earthy green JEEP at the entrance. What’s up with this JEEP? It’s officially known as the castle’s car, fitting in perfectly with the look and feel of the castle. Staff personals delightfully drive it around to run errands and so do the owners.

castle’s green JEEP

Quality vs. quantity has been my motto since I can remember, and this castle has totally embraced this motto.

If you decide to stay the night, I would totally suggest the castle suite (affordable and the best kept secret), you feel like you have the whole place to yourself, private terrance overlooking the Rhein river, bathtub, and a private entrance. It’s really unbeatable.

Last sweet secret, you get DELICIOUS, vegan and GF gummy bears in the shape of a castle!

modern castle life

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