camera shopping

Today I’ve started realizing that I am in dire need of a good camera. We travel so much and with all my projects it really seems like a good time to invest in a professional camera. So, I want to get some feedback on the types of cameras people have in order to make the right call. There are so many different brands with so many technical attachments and I’ve always been a fan of Canon…but what about the other brands?

The perfect camera is kind of a big deal considering the investment and I’m beginning to think my iphone needs to be used a lot less frequently for photos. Although it does a nice job sometimes, I am missing out on so much and frankly my artistic eye is paying for it.

I am throwing this question out there in hope for you guys to steer me in the right direction!

Off the bat the top criteria are: great resolution, the ability for filming, and the camera not weighing a lot.

thank you world.


  1. Well, you are living just across the river, so go to Photokina next month. Plenty of cameras to try out. That should be the best way to combine technical specs with your personal taste.

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