absence makes the heart grow fonder

Been in the far away land of thesisizing and I managed to plant an 88 pages elephant seed which hopefully will grow into something amazing.

Now it’s a bittersweet mood around the house. The stress to complete the master thesis has been lifted, but now a sudden sadness has replaced the stress. Sadness that my 8 hours/day writing routine is no longer here. There is something about writing a scientific paper and your mind being constantly occupied with details and connections. I probably haven’t slept properly in over two months but it felt good to have a passion and a goal. Continue reading


This post is basically targeted at my readers in Germany and Austria, but of course those living abroad you can tell me which piece you like and I can ask what’s the best option to get it to you.

I am seriously impressed with this new clothing store called “funktionschnitt”.

They had a pop-up store Cologne and they recently announced their store opening on January 30th of this year! If you live in Cologne I highly suggest to pay them a visit – you will be hopefully as impressed as I was. (no, they didn’t pay me for this advertisement) Continue reading

introducing my new friend

You wake up after a night of partying because, well, you were welcoming 2016 the night before. We were desperate for coffees and green smoothies and that’s what we found when we walked into our favourite breakfast place * @aroma kaffeebar * in Munich. We agreed, at the end, that someone should pay the bill so we could get fresh air and that’s when it happened! Continue reading

flying high up in the sky

Lately I have been very busy with all my projects and trying to keep it together.

Successfully, being adelina events has hosted an amazing corporate picnic for a pharmaceutical company. Super lovely people, great weather, food and everyone enjoyed themselves! I want to throw out there a huge thank you to Tim for helping out on the day of and Anja for her beautifully designed candles! Thank you world for the great opportunities that have come my way lately! Continue reading



I haven’t been keeping you all up to date with my endeavours and I had a dream that someone hacked into my blog and started to erase all my blog posts, which in turn motivated me to write a blog post, because clearly my subconscious is trying to tell me something about my blog.

being adelina events is super busy at this time with a corporate picnic, a Canada day celebration and potentially the planning of my own birthday! Honestly, I am super happy and excited to be surrounded by so many people that love my work and want to collaborate with me! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship… Continue reading


I can finally see the end of the tunnel with my event planning business.

Website is up and running – business cards are on their way and the metamorphosis process begins.

I am super excited for the fresh brand make over – and really I have to say Alexandra was a fantastic help when it came to figuring out my logo. Her suggestions worked and in the end the logo is super simple yet effective, which is what I wanted! Well Done Alex and thank you :)! Continue reading

something new and something fluffy

I have come up with two ideas. First idea is if you are looking for a personalized unique Christmas gift for someone, check out my etsy account (https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/beingadelina) and place your order for a knitted scarf, hat and/or socks which I will personally knit for you and send it on its way. The only thing you have to do is pick a colour and dimensions specific to the item you wish to order. Also, please note since I am making them all by hand and Christmas is coming up place your order as soon as you can!

Second idea is I’ve opened up an art club community here in Koln. For those of you who live in Koln hit like on my facebook page and you will automatically be included in future events and gatherings. The idea behind this club is to give enthusiastic artsy people a chance to exchange ideas about any art topic. This club literally is a platform to get ideas out and dig into your creative senses. For people that aren’t in Koln you can still join by liking the page and I will from time to time share cool ideas or subject thoughts from our gatherings.

I am super excited to launch both ideas into the world! Come and share my world xo



love tuner

A dear friend with an inspirational soul and longing for a change gave up his catering business in search of finding something greater in life. After a thoughtful, soulful search he has now found his calling. Below is an extremely well made short film that not only clearly represents Michael as a person, but takes it to the next level by answering what his calling is and the impact it will have! Through sound frequencies a tool (tuner) has been created that will allow people to communicate without actually communicating.

I am proud Michael Kraus and I know you are doing great things for people and the world!

Personal note: I find it quite challenging to describe an element or an object that defines the term ‘grounding’, but here I can relate to the subject by listening and hearing the messages from people that have experienced Michael’s love movement. I am donating to keep this journey alive because love is important and the unification of humans through love is necessary!

Great short film describing the movement:


camera shopping

Today I’ve started realizing that I am in dire need of a good camera. We travel so much and with all my projects it really seems like a good time to invest in a professional camera. So, I want to get some feedback on the types of cameras people have in order to make the right call. There are so many different brands with so many technical attachments and I’ve always been a fan of Canon…but what about the other brands?

The perfect camera is kind of a big deal considering the investment and I’m beginning to think my iphone needs to be used a lot less frequently for photos. Although it does a nice job sometimes, I am missing out on so much and frankly my artistic eye is paying for it.

I am throwing this question out there in hope for you guys to steer me in the right direction!

Off the bat the top criteria are: great resolution, the ability for filming, and the camera not weighing a lot.

thank you world.