friday findings v

I caught myself the other day making a huge grammatical English mistake by rearranging a verb in a sentence which completely did not make any sense. Then I stopped, thought about it, and realized that learning German is spilling over into my English – oh my! It is with this mistake I begin to understand…

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friday findings iv

You guys remember Mr. Bean, right? Love this guy. Well, here is his version of a European Classic. Oh and I never knew he was also fluent in German. Enjoy the clip – I sure did!


friday findings iii

I am not a huge fan of listing open hyperlinks in a post but this German cat deserves it! Introducing DJ Koze – enjoy the tunes… This guy is a music genius and a producer! and lastly If you haven’t already done so make sure you subscribe to my blog located at the bottom…



A couple of posts back I wrote about the High Line. Well, apparently I failed to mention that it’s also home to a newly discovered/never seen before in the States species of cockroach that can withstand the harsh wintery cold climates. How wild is that? According to this article, New Yorkers shouldn’t be concerned of…


friday findings ii

In the corner of findings, I am sharing: I have been looking to integrate myself more into the German society so looking at the job market is important – here are some helpful starting points I checked out. Here is a wonderful organization here in Koln that I shall become a member of quite soon…


f… cancer

It’s that time of the year when we all have to do our part. For the whole month of December I have teamed up with an amazing Vancouver based charity called FCancer which all started with Yael Cohen writing the words “FUCK CANCER” on a t-shirt as she persevered in helping her own mom beat…


friday findings i

In the corner of findings, here are a couple of interesting things for this week: Dining at Fäviken restaurant looks like an amazing Nordic experience in which I would love to indulge in the new year. True that during the winter months they get maybe 6 hours of daylight – but their offerings look and…

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fish soup

should be the title of a forum for people who are adverse to the taste and smell of fish. They could all come together on this forum to express themselves and their views on any particular subject. The link between all participants is not liking fish. I think this is a marvelous idea I have…

P.S.: Can anyone identify where this was taken?


I am an art enthusiast. Unfortunately, I am not connected at all with the art world here in Köln and I would like to be. Does anybody here in Köln have any ideas of galleries or certain clubs you can be part of that promote local artists? I’ve been to Wallraf-Richartz Museum (for those in the…



of movies I would recommend people check out: Pina by Wim Wenders It came highly recommended by a dear friend of mine and i must say he was dead on with this. The Sacrifice by Andrei Tarkovsky A poetic film about the sadness and torture of our human condition – a must see! Fantastic Mr…