friday findings vi

I am sometimes a fan of reading people’s horoscopes including mine. Years ago I found a super interesting, eloquently worded horoscope page that I have been following ever since. The writer is brilliant and I must say all predictions have been quite accurate and at times super humorous! The horoscope section belongs to a very well known Chicago newspaper (Newcity) that’s notorious for divulging cool artsy affairs. I think this newspaper should be on people’s radar. Check it out here:

As far as inspirational photos are concerned I am sharing my current favourite. I took this while I was on vacation in Bavaria and I quite enjoy the tranquility it radiates.


friday findings v

I caught myself the other day making a huge grammatical English mistake by rearranging a verb in a sentence which completely did not make any sense. Then I stopped, thought about it, and realized that learning German is spilling over into my English – oh my! It is with this mistake I begin to understand how easily I can manipulate my mind, when being immersed 100% in a language that my mind/I am/are trying to learn, into making silly grammatical errors.

Perhaps it could be that my subconscious is sending messages of “must learn this language” to my frontal lobe which in turn forces my parietal and temporal lobes to dispatch an overwhelmingly large amount of German grammar. Nah, it couldn’t be that easy. I honestly think that right now my brain is trying to make sense of everything and therefore it makes confusing mistakes until it figures it all out. I will be patient with you, brain.

In light of this internal turbulent state of being, I have downloaded the Bon Iver, Bon Iver album and I shall listen to it loudly with my headphones on. The album is in English, get ready brain!

That’s all from the corner of findings for this Friday! Goodnight from Köln, where the men are tall, the women are serious and all the children are slightly above average.


friday findings iii

I am not a huge fan of listing open hyperlinks in a post but this German cat deserves it! Introducing DJ Koze – enjoy the tunes… This guy is a music genius and a producer!

and lastly

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Schönes Wochenende!


Image © ミシャー (GFDL)


A couple of posts back I wrote about the High Line. Well, apparently I failed to mention that it’s also home to a newly discovered/never seen before in the States species of cockroach that can withstand the harsh wintery cold climates.

9263920How wild is that?

According to this article, New Yorkers shouldn’t be concerned of these creatures being invaders due to their competitive nature for food and space, which will leave them little time to reproduce. Or so the Periplaneta japonica would like us to believe…

You can read the whole article here.

friday findings ii


In the corner of findings, I am sharing:

I have been looking to integrate myself more into the German society so looking at the job market is important – here are some helpful starting points I checked out.

Here is a wonderful organization here in Koln that I shall become a member of quite soon – American International Women’s Club of Cologne. I know I am not “American” per se but they welcome Canadians and women from other countries as well.

I was reading a newspaper article the other day on Michael Arrington and so I google him to see what all the fuss was about and it turns out I found this cool link. Don’t ask me how it relates to Michael Arrington… 🙂

f… cancer

It’s that time of the year when we all have to do our part.

For the whole month of December I have teamed up with an amazing Vancouver based charity called FCancer which all started with Yael Cohen writing the words “FUCK CANCER” on a t-shirt as she persevered in helping her own mom beat breast cancer!

The frustrations she felt resonate for me as I saw my step-father lose his life to lung cancer two years ago. I proudly wore/wear my FCancer t-shirt as often as I could/can. Now I want to make a contribution in his name and all the cancer patients out there.


Starting today until December 21, 2013, for the first 25 new subscribers to my blog, I will increase my holiday donation to the FCancer charity by $3 each. Each subscriber will receive a thank you email for the donation on their behalf. If you are not one of the first 25, and/or you want to do more, feel free to check out the donation page.

Together let’s make a difference this Christmas…

Thank you in advance everyone!

friday findings i

In the corner of findings, here are a couple of interesting things for this week:

Dining at Fäviken restaurant looks like an amazing Nordic experience in which I would love to indulge in the new year. True that during the winter months they get maybe 6 hours of daylight – but their offerings look and sound marvelous.

My friends know I am a fan of cabin porn (very much SFW link, don’t worry). Here is another prime piece of real estate I wish I could have. And I wouldn’t mind the plane either.

And in other news, I am starting German classes here next week. Dieses Blog schreibe ich bald auf deutsch. … JK – just kidding.


image © Liz West (CC BY 2.0 / cropped from original)

fish soup

should be the title of a forum for people who are adverse to the taste and smell of fish. They could all come together on this forum to express themselves and their views on any particular subject. The link between all participants is not liking fish.

I think this is a marvelous idea I have just come up with. Now, who do I sell this to? I am thinking Kim Son Limited. I will get the ball rolling by sending them a quick email with my idea.

Stay tuned, this could be interesting.



I am an art enthusiast. Unfortunately, I am not connected at all with the art world here in Köln and I would like to be.

Does anybody here in Köln have any ideas of galleries or certain clubs you can be part of that promote local artists?

I’ve been to Wallraf-Richartz Museum (for those in the know, their current Renaissance exhibit does not quite compare to the one at AGO last summer), and Museum Ludwig is on my bucket list – but anything else?

I would love to be more involved in the art scene here…

P.S.: Can anyone identify where this was taken?

P.S.: Can anyone identify where this was taken?