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Just one of those days…There is nothing worse than feeling mildly depressed and hearing the rain pound heavily on my window. I think the combination of the two is powerful enough to put me into a deep coma, which I might awake from by having sunlight rays covering my body or seeing kittens walking all…

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my kind people

I have been away traveling but now I am back with fresh material for the upcoming week! Also, after a great deal of effort and with help – you can now subscribe to e-mail updates for my blog. Please see the subscription button at the bottom of the page! happy reading… P.S.: Some Germans agree with…


rubber boots

I wonder who were the committee members of one should not wear rubber boots under any circumstances campaign here in Germany? It’s pouring outside so naturally I decide to wear my rain boots. As I walk proudly through the streets thinking, ‘ah, my feet will be nice and dry’ I notice people looking at my…

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the dress

August 2013 – I was in a mad panic to find the perfect dress for a wedding I was attending on Vancouver Island. I resorted to the one store I knew would live up to all expectations. Oliver & Lilly’s, a Vancouver based clothing store – newly located at 1575 West 6th Ave. between Fir…


there has been an addition to our household

No, not a baby. After pondering and a great deal of searching we found a great low maintenance addition to our house. Moss! There was a lovely local outdoor market last weekend right outside our door step which we were walking through. When we neared the plants section it dawned on me that this would…


bunch of happy happy animals right in the city

The idea of wild animals being captured in a zoo is by no means something I encourage or promote. I have seen many zoos in my life and I always leave with a sense of discouragement and feeling sorry for the captive animals. Two weeks ago I visited the zoo right in the city of…



I took this photograph because it not only put a smile on my face, it also captivated me and depicted the particular perfection of working in an architecturally significant glass building – creating and keeping true to one’s pride, which in Germany, is one’s car. I will have both please!