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3 Ways to Improve your Train Travelling

3 Ways to Improve Train Travel

If you are afraid of flying or are not able to physically travel very far, then the ‘3 ways to improve train travel’ will help you. Hopefully not only will it inspire you to book a trip but also answer some your questions about how to ‘make travelling’ simple and FUN! I will start off […]

modern beach Constanta

The Secret Beach in Constanta

This post will reveal a top secret beach in Constanta that will make your jaw drop, book a flight and enjoy the white sand, blue water paradise. First, let’s put Constanta on the map. Constanța is a city on the shores of the Black Sea, in southeastern Romania. Constanta lies on the western coast of […]



Berchtesgaden is incredibly rich in history and today there are a dozen of museum, walks, salt mines, and bunkers all representing Germany’s past. If you type in google Berchtesgaden, you will find the following information: Berchtesgaden is a German town in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border. South of town, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest retreat, […]

kempinski hotel

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden

The ultimate 5 star experience is what you would expect, right? Admittedly, I had super high expectation of this hotel stay, and I have been wanting to experience this place since I first moved to Germany. Why? Mostly – because of its’ history. I will be writing a separate post talking exclusively about the historic […]


Meet me at Burg Reichenstein

Burg Reichenstein is a quick hop (2 hours) along the beautiful Rhein from Köln. The castle offers many great vistas, cozy yet modern rooms to stay overnight, as well as a lovely restaurant using only local seasonal ingredients, and it’s within a protected UNESCO site. Their menu caters to many of the different dietary restrictions […]


Heal yourself

Have you ever sat down and tried TO REALLY analyse yourself, your health, your eating habits and your routines? It’s not easy but extremely worthwhile, and a healing process. That’s why it’s called a practice. We have to practice a practice if it is to be of value Allan Lokos, Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living […]

female lava lizard

Isla Española – the secret island!

Save the best for last! Isla Española and Bahia Gardner de Española are truly untouched wonders that are not as well known, hence the secret. Why? Due to the distance, most travel companies will not offer this island as part of their package. In order to see these gems there are two main requirements: spend […]

blue footed boobies

Why Punta Pitt, San Cristóbal should be on your radar…

Punta Pitt located on the eastern end of San Cristóbal island, is simply magical! Experiencing BLUE footed boobies’ mating rituals and being right next to this left all of us speechless. Walk to the top of the volcanic hill for expansive views of the sparsely vegetated area. A variety of seabirds nest here, including blue-footed […]


Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz)

Santa Cruz island meets white sand beaches and the ocean full of white tip reef sharks. Oh, and did I mention lots of cute local shops in Puerto Ayora specializing in organic cotton t-shirts and selling strong roasted coffee beans. Also, restaurants serving fresh caught fish of the day and many authentic Ecuadorian dishes. Does […]

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Isla Santa Fe

I thought a lot about how I would like to portray my Galapagos trip on my blog. And although I shared quite a bit on Instagram I played around with many ideas about what/how to structure my blog posts. The main tool I would like to use to share my experiences is photography. Not a […]