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come one, come all!

Come one, come all is the name of this game, or should I say Karneval! I wrote an earlier post documenting the start of the very famous Karneval here in Köln, which happened on November 11 @ 11:11, and I feel as though I should report on the closing ceremonies of this festival. Oh boy […]


the art of learning german II

German can be fun if you have the right attitude and the right teacher. Last week in Deutsch course I’ve made a huge breakthrough with two simple yet wise abbreviations. What do a dog and a princess being in love with a man have in common? Easy, they stand for common prepositions used alongside an […]


oh what a world…

This week has been the first week in a long time that I actually felt motivated, busy and fully alert to all possibilities. These are the benefits I reap from my body gets used to my cleanse. My week started off with my regular Deutsch classes, which by the way are super helpful and I […]


little renaissance town

In my previous Xmas post I mentioned that I will be writing about a town called Wasserburg in Bavaria. I am calling this town the ‘little renaissance town’ for obvious reasons. Please see photos. At my first glance walking towards the little town from the bridge it screamed out “old Italian architecture”, although with a […]



If you go to Bavaria you have to do it right. What does that mean? For one, you have to adopt a grandma and enjoy a traditionally made lunch by her. In Bavaria the most substantial meal of the day is at lunch time, so usually you will be served warm heavy foods. Major tip […]


fast rails

Italian Frecciarossa high speed trains have quite the charm. Whether you ride first or second class, the experience is quite special. You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” well in this case, please do because it will make your experience that much more grandiose. I remember riding the train from Rome […]

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’tis the season

For all those seasoned enthusiasts who enjoy long conversations by a fireplace here is a recipe that I would like to share with my dear Deutschländers. Tis’ the season to make Eggnog. It is a super delicious North American Xmas cocktail giving people one more reason to drink lovely concocted cocktails. Items you will need […]


twinkling little lights

What do Glühwein, Reibekuchen and Feuerzangenbowle all have in common? I think anyone can guess what this post will be about; all the Christmas markets here in Köln (for those of you who can’t make it to a Christmas market in Germany this year, follow the links above to recipes of my top three market […]


the art of learning german

here are a few questions for my fellow Deutschländers: why throw me off with all the irregular verbs/difficult conjugations? why make memorizing numbers so hard? lastly, why can’t you simply refer to everyone in the formal ‘You’? For my fellow North Americans here are the reasons for my rant above: 1. I love the conjugation […]