clay mask

Clay Mask

Clay mask: have you ever tried it ?! From what I can tell so far (3rd time trying it) my skin likes it. I am wondering if any of you have used any clay for their facial, and if so, what have been your experience with it. I am thinking of incorporating a clay mask facial into my weekly routine!

  • I have only tried the Dr. Hauschka (not a paid advertisement) clay facial, perhaps some of you have more suggestion on which brands you like most.

Wellness routines are awesome! They help you relax, pay attention to your body and simply check in and see what it needs. I also meditate during my facial. I feel so energized after – it’s like waking up from a small nap ??

I have read a couple of articles talking about the use of clay results in clogged pores. They also mention acne appearing after extensive us on people with sensitive skin types.

My personal opinion, is beauty products are individual and while something might work for my skin type it might not for another skin type. I often test a new products on a small area before introducing it all over my face. My skin is pretty reactive – so I know fairly quickly whether the product is a no go.

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

Becky Squiers


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