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Architecturally speaking I have always been fascinated how an architect can create an aesthetically pleasing structure and at the same time integrate it into its surroundings, be it a forest, the alps, the countryside, and so on.  My second fascination comes from understanding what certain materials do and feel like.  For instance, I had a deeply rooted preconceived notion that using lots concrete inside of a dwelling would always create a feeling of detachment and coldness. A recent visit to Luxembourg proved me wrong.

concrete carpet

Deep in the winery hills of Luxembourg lives Hotel Ecluse, a recently renovated hotel with its main focus on high glass windows and exposed concrete walls held up by massive wooden pillars.  I was surprised and delighted to see the mixture of all these materials giving off an aura of repose. I will also note the architect achieved a high level of integration – the hotel looks well integrated into its hilly, green grass and river surroundings.

The decor of the hotel played a key part in giving off a warm cozy feeling to this place. With earthy tones being used throughout the hotel and mossy green carpets alongside tastefully splashed of colours found on pillows, blankets, and chairs it’s no wonder I have been converted. The concrete in this hotel holds the structure up in a way that makes you feel protected from your surroundings and the high glass windows allows you to let your mind wander while you look out. All the individual rooms have wooden floors and doors giving off a secluded cabin feel.  I touched the concrete wall in the room and it felt nice and warm.

You can also dine at their in house restaurant which is full of seasonal surprises.  They prepare a mean escargot a la French style.

Between the perfection of the architecture, an earthy peppery Pinot and a super comfortable bed I can say the renovations have all paid off, in my opinion!

images © Paul Ott / Hotel Ecluse

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