cooking vegan meals

Cooking vegan meals is not complicated, it’s super healthy and every vegan meal you eat makes a positive contribution to our environment. There are many food trends and diets that continue to pop-up and sometimes they can be confusing. But I see it as a great way to explore what fits best with your lifestyle. I am a HUGE fan of choices. Having the ability to chose between different diets and food styling trends allows for a solid creativity flow.

I read a lot about food, health and living a holistic lifestyle. One thing I have noticed is how much time I/we spend making food. The actual act of cooking takes up so much of our every-day-life. And I think it’s important to devote sometime and think about your diet in relation to your health, your carbon footprint, educate yourself where the individual ingredients come from, etc. etc. At the end of the day, we only get one body, one environment and it all starts with food.

For me, making vegan meals feels way easier than when I used to cook with meat, and my mind is sharper and my body is healthier. Whether you call it a trend or lifestyle veganism works for me!

COOKING vegan meals is super easy and stress-free! I find the following key steps makes it even easier:

  • Shopping: find a local grocery store you like and is near where you live, preferably within walking distance of your house. When you don’t have a specific recipe in mind just buy seasonal veggies or fruits. Seasonal stuff is usually displayed near the front of the store so it’s easily accessible and you don’t have to stress going through all the aisles.
  • Turn inward! Listen to what your body, mind needs and evaluate your mood. If you are feeling angry or sad then buy brightly coloured (orange, red, yellow…) veggies and fruits. Brightly coloured ingredients will give you a boost from the stresses of the day. Your body will often lead you to the right items to pick out for your dinner.
  • Simplify your dinner: abundance of items can confuse anyone. You can make magic happen with 2 or 3 main items. Before walking into the store have a number set in your mind and stick to it. 4 items is usually a sweet spot.
  • Music, pod cast, …: while cooking listen to something you love ! It will make your cooking experience that much more enjoyable.

Have fun cooking vegan meals!!


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