curry spices

curry spices
curry spices

Curry spices are so much fun to experiment with and the colours are simply beautiful. During the autumn season curries are so comforting. Living in Vancouver curries are a must during the autumn and winter season. Now in Köln, I feel like I have been doing the same – perhaps the rain has something to do with it or perhaps I am the biggest curry fan!

In Indian cooking, these top spices are often key to curry making:

chilli peppers
cardamom seeds
fresh ginger

Experimenting with curries and making basmati rice I have learned a few key secrets!




The key is to start with a hot pan and 2 tbsps of coconut oil. Add your favourite Indian spices and let them toast in the pan for about 5-8 mins turning the temperature down to medium. This step ensures the spices give off their intense flavour profile. I often use turmeric, fresh ginger, cumin, chilli flakes, cardamom seeds, lots of masala spice and garlic. Once the spices have been roasting, add your veggies and let them sweat a bit. Add your coconut milk and turn the heat to a simmer. Allow your curry to simmer for a long time (45-1hour). Reducing all that liquid will make your curry creamy and intense with flavour!!

Second key step is while your curry simmers you can focus on making the basmati rice. Add to your boiling water salt, cardamom seeds and 1 tsp of turmeric. The salt and cardamom will give your rice an amazing flavour, and the turmeric will give your rice an amazing colour. Add your rice and let the water start to boil again, give it a quick mix and then turn your heat to low simmer.

Step three once your curry has reduced and your rice is cooked, let them sit for about 10 mins before serving, this allows the flavours to further congeal. Then you can serve up your curry and there is one last fun part – GARNISHING ..

The following fresh herbs can be used to garnish which also compliment your curries:


Happy currying!


    • Any seasonal veggies work, right now there are a lot of zucchini so that’s a good start 🙂 Grinding depends on what kind of spices you have but they usually come pre-grinded if not then totally. Key is to toast the spices in the pan so that all their yummy flavour comes out. 🙂

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