dehydrating veggies makes a fun vegan snack

Dehydrating veggies makes a fun vegan snack!! You can experiment with your favourite ones, such as tomato, zucchini, eggplant etc. I started doing this because I wanted a super intense tomatoey flavour for one of my courses. I also wanted a crunchy almost chip-like texture so I experimented until I came up with the perfect process! The process consists of three steps but they are important to achieving that perfect crunchy and yummy flavour:



  1. Cut your veggies medium thickness, it is important to have a super sharp knife for optimal size;
  2. Dry all your veggies with towel paper until no liquid comes out – this can take up to 1 hour, so a little patience is required here 🙂
  3. After the drying process is complete place them on baking paper and bake at a super low temp (start off with 150C) for about 1 hour and gradually increase to no more than 250C. if you want to play it safe keep the temperature at 150C throughout the 2h

That’s it! Super simple and super delicious! It’s a perfect, healthy vegan snack… and gluten- free and it’s a great way to introduce more veggies into your diet and the perfect smoothie companion🙂


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