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After a regime of eat, sleep, eat and sleep I think it’s time for my annual cleanse to take over and save me.

Spending Christmas walking, greeting people and seeing the most marvelous corners of Bavaria does not mean that my body excuses the amounts of food and drinks I have dumped into it. In light of that my first day back in Köln was spent vigorously letting go of the habitual eating times and quantities by pumping myself with supplements, veggies, fruits and basically with all the nutrients it has missed.

Day 1 and 2 of my cleanse I spent with an excruciating headache. I think this was self-inflicted because I could have totally avoided this trap by not being so eager to start my cleanse and simply ease my body into it and not shock it with such a dramatically quick change. I am on Day 3 and it’s looking pretty good so far.

I have included a breakdown of my cleanse below, which follows similar footsteps as the Wild Rose. Both are founded basically on eating primarily certain types of fruits, vegetables, and nuts alongside taking supplements. Although, my cleanse allows me to eat chicken, fish, turkey and gluten free sausages! (no red meat though). I have also included the supplements I am taking.

My body requires me to do this cleanse every year and after the first week I feel amazing. The clarity starts to set in and my body awakens from what I can describe as hibernation, and I start to feel more alert without any stimulants such as coffee, black tea or any other caffeinated products. Mainly, my body starts to talk and both my brain and I start to listen to its needs. It’s a fantastic transformation. The first year I tried this cleanse I was documenting everything – almost like a diary and I think it’s so important to track and record your body changes as you interrupt its normal routines.

For me this is a fantastic metamorphosis phase I look forward to each year. Although, I warn you: The first (and possibly second) week is not pretty.

Click here for the food chart (PDF)


1. Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids
2. D-Drops (vitamin D)  liquid 1000 IU/ drop
3. NutraSea HP (high potency) by Ascenta (Fish oil)
4. Intrinsi B12 Folate by Metagenics
5. Magnesium:  MagGlycinate by Metagenics
6. Chlorophyll:  ChloroClear by Metagenics
7. Zymactive with Serratia Peptidase (start with normal strength) – by Natural Factors
8. Turmeric & Bromelain by Natural Factors

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