I can finally see the end of the tunnel with my event planning business.

Website is up and running – business cards are on their way and the metamorphosis process begins.

I am super excited for the fresh brand make over – and really I have to say Alexandra was a fantastic help when it came to figuring out my logo. Her suggestions worked and in the end the logo is super simple yet effective, which is what I wanted! Well Done Alex and thank you :)!

For those of you who would like suggestions or help in designing a logo you will not be disappointed in her work. She has an online shop and I am attaching a link to that:

It took me a long time to settle on the type of website I would like to have. At the end simplicity won! I have a lot of great photos taken from different events I did and so I thought why not put that at the center of everything with comments so that people can have a bit of background on each photo. The layout I found for my website which offered the best to fit for my requirements was by none other than tumblr itself. I must say tumblr rocks when it comes to designing your own website and super flexible.

When it came to business cards well frankly I was overwhelmed. I had no idea where to begin or what to pick. Finally I came upon the perfect site making it super easy for me to preview my selections by uploading my design and info. They offer 24hr online service support staff which I had to use twice. They were super friendly, helpful and patient with me. There are endless templates you can chose from varying on what kind of business you have. Rule of thumb: have a clear idea of what you want and don’t give up until you find the right template. It can be a challenging process, but also a rewarding one! I found that the right fit for me was with these guys:

I want to also give a huge thank you for those of you who were involved and were a key part of the process.

I invite you all to come and check out my website:

And so it begins…


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