“…flowers in her hair”

San Francisco, I won’t lie, has a lot of similarities to Vancouver, but somehow as I continue to explore this wonderful city, something is missing. Something rooted in the essence of self human satisfaction – like when you cook dinner for your close friends and you look over at them cutting into their tomato and watch their eyes hone in on their next bite. Their mouth movements say a lot about your meal, and I for one find it satisfying to watch my dinner guests explore their food – for me that’s what I call “self human satisfaction”. Self human satisfaction can also manifest and express itself in many different forms or not, take for example…

An early afternoon beautiful car ride through noodle-shaped roads with the warm spring sun shining gently on your face… You look out the window and see ‘Stinson Beach 10 miles” sign on the side of the road and you get excited! As the drive continues you can’t help but start to sing out loud the lyrics of a song that really feels trapped in another scenario desperately trying to escape. Pulling up to the beach your toes sink into the sand and you take a deep breath. The smell of salt oozing from the Pacific Ocean mixed in with a musty tree smell – both not present. You wonder why? You look around and start to take notice of everything around you and start to question whether the ocean is manmade and somehow someone forgot to include the salted smell. You touch the leaves of the trees and they seem real but are they? Where is the musty forest smell? As you stare at the bear on the California Republic flag you can’t help but think Vancouver has spoiled you and your senses… [Somehow self human satisfaction seems far away]…

                “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” MarkTwain

clam birds

me at the lonely beach

But from an esthetic perspective the scenery was delightfully beautiful! And the little lighthouse freshly converted into a Mexican lunch eatery was delicious. How can one say no to cold local cider with two corn shrimp and sea bass tacos? Answer, you can’t.



I seriously have grown to like our cute South Beach neighborhood, a 20 mins walk to downtown and 10 mins walk to the Ferry terminal building. The ferry building is fully equipped with farmer’s markets, small local coffee shops, and a wide range of tiny local shops specializing in their very own crafts.

As a foodie such as myself I find Sausalito culinary experiences stellar and that’s not to say restaurants around the Bay area aren’t at par. Daily catch of the day, wagyu steaks, locally grown veggies, local organic ciders, local brewed beers, Napa valley wines (the list goes on), who could complain. For those rainy days well, I have that covered also – bought a yearly pass to SFMOMA. The current Matisse exhibit is a great conversation starter.


Life is good when your day is filled with great art and your tummy hurts from all the organically grown anything food related really.

“Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair” Led Zeppelin

looking at the water


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