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Lately I have been very busy with all my projects and trying to keep it together.

Successfully, being adelina events has hosted an amazing corporate picnic for a pharmaceutical company. Super lovely people, great weather, food and everyone enjoyed themselves! I want to throw out there a huge thank you to Tim for helping out on the day of and Anja for her beautifully designed candles! Thank you world for the great opportunities that have come my way lately!

food canvas sun and table working station

Before I introduce my next event, I had a wonderful surprise organized by my hubby for our one year anniversary – we got to fly in a vintage passenger plane, the “Tante Ju” as Germans call it (built in 1936 and still going strong).


People can book tickets to take this flight to random destinations not very far from its home base. I was so impressed by the enthusiastic pilots that were on board donating their personal time to flying this plane just because well, as they put it, “it’s a pilot’s dream to fly a manual plane like this!”


They were all professional pilots flying commercial Lufthansa planes for a living. They were super enthusiastic about the history and all the details about the technicalities of the plane, answering people’s questions and smiling for the numerous cameras that were flashing in their direction.

One would think that 9/11 shattered all dreams of a passenger seeing the cockpit of this beautiful vintage plane, but I am here to tell you, my friends, that in fact you are allowed to see and go into the cockpit of the plane – what a beauty! Flying quite low to the ground allows for an amazing view and on a sunny day it’s nice to open the one and only opening window located next to the first seat on the right row to take in some fresh air.

FullSizeRender-2   FullSizeRender-3

The total maximum capacity is about 20 passengers, three pilots and one stewardess. This special plane inspired me so much that I would love to get the opportunity to arrange a special event in this plane! Anyone looking for an amazing time with their close friends (and has a bit of a budget)? Let me know, and I’ll take care of everything needed for a cool party in the clouds!!! Go being adelina events, go!


To balance the excitement and business surrounding the successful picnic came the preparation for a Canada day event, this time taking us all the way to Düsseldorf. This was another great success with a turnout of 80 people including the fantastic Consul, Marthe Lemay. With her efforts and donations it turned our event into perfection. I was working on this project with a fantastic group of people: Martin, Yan and Tamara. I could have not wished for a better team! We all learned something from this event, that Canada day should be celebrated like this each year, and as long as we are all together, it will be.

I raise my glass to next year having an even bigger guest list than this year!! I can’t wait. Here are some highlights:

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