friday findings v

I caught myself the other day making a huge grammatical English mistake by rearranging a verb in a sentence which completely did not make any sense. Then I stopped, thought about it, and realized that learning German is spilling over into my English – oh my! It is with this mistake I begin to understand how easily I can manipulate my mind, when being immersed 100% in a language that my mind/I am/are trying to learn, into making silly grammatical errors.

Perhaps it could be that my subconscious is sending messages of “must learn this language” to my frontal lobe which in turn forces my parietal and temporal lobes to dispatch an overwhelmingly large amount of German grammar. Nah, it couldn’t be that easy. I honestly think that right now my brain is trying to make sense of everything and therefore it makes confusing mistakes until it figures it all out. I will be patient with you, brain.

In light of this internal turbulent state of being, I have downloaded the Bon Iver, Bon Iver album and I shall listen to it loudly with my headphones on. The album is in English, get ready brain!

That’s all from the corner of findings for this Friday! Goodnight from Köln, where the men are tall, the women are serious and all the children are slightly above average.


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