friday findings vii

I came across something that absolutely needs to be shared. So have you ever travelled somewhere wearing a piece of clothing that basically lets everyone know where you come from? No? Ok, well neither have I…. NOT! The truth is I like what I like, and I simply wear it! Here is a site that specializes in selling Pacific Northwest pieces. I love wearing my red and black plaid lumberjack shirt – absolutely Canadian, and I have been called out by people here in Köln. If anyone would like to indulge in Pacific Northwest attire, which I might add is super cool, please see below:

Ever wondered what happens to your brain when you tell a lie?

Here is a thoughtful and engaging link to help dissect our perceived notion about lying. Is it bad or is it good? You can be your own judge:

Lastly, what is the difference between a cookie and a biscuit? Apparently if I read the referenced description it is clear that a cookie is much better off than a biscuit, which may very well be the reason why nowadays the word “cookie” can be readily found.

That’s all from the corner of friday findings, ‘til next friday, and until then be sure to drink lots of water and buy something green.

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