This post is basically targeted at my readers in Germany and Austria, but of course those living abroad you can tell me which piece you like and I can ask what’s the best option to get it to you.

I am seriously impressed with this new clothing store called “funktionschnitt”.

They had a pop-up store Cologne and they recently announced their store opening on January 30th of this year! If you live in Cologne I highly suggest to pay them a visit – you will be hopefully as impressed as I was. (no, they didn’t pay me for this advertisement)

First of all, the technicality behind each piece can be categorized as:


nourishment to your skin

comfortably soft

simplistically beautiful

eco friendly

Why are their clothing special? because some of their garments are made with a combination of sea algae off of the coast of Iceland, and a cotton fibre technology produced in Austria. In harvesting the sea algae they use technology as to not disturb the eco-system and for the cotton they use a procedure called lyocell, which apparently is an award winning eco-friendly procedure! They also have merino wool garments which are said to be incredibly soft, I will be trying this on and letting you guys know.

I attach photos below of some of their pieces and their website, of course:

Hope to see some of you at their store opening on January 30th!!

Lots of love to all of you xo



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