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Galapagos Islands

Admittedly I have been planning this Galapagos islands trip in my head for about 10 years. I knew from the very beginning that visiting these islands will be a once in a lifetime magical experience and I was right ! But boy, the experience far exceeded my pent up expectations. What these islands sent my way opened up my soul. Travelling to see fauna and flora is indeed incredibly rewarding for the soul, mind and spirit.

I will break up the sailing days into separate posts which I will upload throughout the upcoming weeks and hopefully I will manage to give you a glimpse into my experience. For those of you who have travelled to these place I would love to hear your favourite parts!!! For those of you who are wanting to travel, and have any questions, please leave them below.

One (unsponsored tip) is the tour guide operator we settled for. Booking such a trip required a lot of reading, talking and basically following our instincts. We decided to book our Galapagos excursion with Intrepid and it was worth every penny. Our guide, a local, had over 20 years experience with these islands and wildlife. There was no stone he left unturned. I think the word knowledgeable is simply not enough to explain his level of details and know-how. Our boat was only a couple years old with plenty of room for privacy, and bonus: hot tub. The food was made fresh everyday and extremely tasty! All the staff was friendly, generous and attentive. Extremely grateful to have lucked out with these guys!!

Check back throughout the week with posts from the following islands:

  • Santa Cruz \ highlight turtles
  • Santa Fe \ featuring the beloved sea lions
  • Isla Plaza Sur \ land iguanas
  • Espanola Island \ female and male lava lizards and more
  • Punta Suarez \ marine iguana + hawk
  • Gardner Bay \ Oystercather + more cute sea lions
  • Isla San Cristobal \ blue, red footed and nazca boobies

Wishing you all an inspiring week!

female teenage lava lizard posing

You can also check out my instagram account for more wildlife photos!!


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