good old times

I love walking. Walking helps things settle in my mind and forces me to take deep breaths.

When I lived in Toronto I could often be found walking around Ward’s Island. It’s a short ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of the city. As soon as I would board the ferry I couldn’t wait to step off it and see nature, small houses and the lake. I thought of it as mini weekend vacation.


My routine was quite simple. I would get up on Saturday mornings and walk down from Bay and College to the ferry. Hop on the ferry and 15mins later I would be on Ward‘s Island. I would always stop at the Island Cafe for a refreshing bite and summer beverage. After it’s off to the beach I went to read a book. Contemplating my place in the world is always a lot easier next to a body of water and in nature.  Then, I would walk around the island and head back home in the dusk.

I have been known to throw picnics and motivate as many people as I could to join in my island fun. I reminisce as I write this post all the good times that were had on those beaches.

You simply have to visit Ward’s Island when you are in Toronto!


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