haida gwaii

-inspirational self journey-

is the simplest, truest statement I could come up with to describe my sailing experience in Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlottes) back in 2010.

I will do my best to describe a paradise that should be experienced firsthand in order to understand its true beauty.

The West Coast has been and will always be the mecca of natural wonders; however, Haida Gwaii takes it to another level. For me, Haida Gwaii is the most astounding place one can sail to – and nothing tops making that journey on the Ocean Light II, a 71’ ketch-rigged sailboat, and of course, with the enormous knowledge of the BC coast wilderness provided by Tom, Jen and Sarah.

Sailing gives you the advantage of a close campground to a varied assortment of the rarest marine wildlife. I say you can also do this trip in a kayak but it will be less comfortable and extremely challenging at times. Sailing also gives you the advantage of self reflection which I think is extremely important when you are surrounded by the magnitude of such beauty. When I entered this perfect world all my worries were lifted and they seemed far behind and I transformed into something I would like to call, “agent of nature.” There is no shortage of wildlife here. I was amazed to see lots of seals, humpback whales, porpoises, crabs, all sorts of fish, coloured starfish, and that’s just to name a few.

There is not a feeling in the world that describes the serenity of being out in a zodiac in the morning embracing the calm water in search of wildlife.


Day 1 captured:

  • Kayaking in a sea of algae watching the pink, purple, orange starfish looking all proper in their nooks.
  • A half day hike that took me to a place where I felt like an eagle on top of the world, and on the way down I dove into the cold sea water, aching to be that much close to nature and wanting to become entrenched with more of my poetic surroundings.
  • After that full day I retreat back to the sail boat for a freshly caught crab dinner.

Imagine 7 full days of captivatingly serene adventures. I would retreat at the end of each day to the sail boat trying to not let go of anything I just experienced. I was bursting from it all…

Most of all, this paragon of nature offered me a peaceful cover to reflect, ponder, and explore myself and the very nature of humanity.

For me this is a special place that I can forever tap into.

images © Mike Bernard

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