“When it rains it pours” is a saying that can be adapted to describe either negative or positive occurrences in one’s life. I am choosing to write about the latter.

It is true that I have been a bit tardy with my blog posts recently, but here is why.

I am teaching English three times a week to three wonderful humans. Two small adorable kids and an university graduate student. Although every person has their own unique way of learning, the common goal of learning is nevertheless evident when looking at their improvement with each class, which makes me very happy.

Then, of course, I am still learning Deutsch. Believe it or not I have reached B1.1 – yahooooo! Great achievement, however, the great abyss is that the more you learn, the more you discover how much more you have to still learn. This is especially true when learning German. Just when I think I’ve wrapped my head around something, here comes the lingering word “aber”. Oh well, I will have to stick it out as I am sure it will all fall into place eventually.

And lastly, you know the saying, “common goals often bring people together?” Well, I’ve made friends with a wonderful person named Sabrina who has come on board with me to create a food and art concept here in Köln that is completely new. I love new things and I love challenges, and I think we will both have our hands delightfully full with this project. Check it out:  artcookery.ca.


We have our first event to open the spring/summer season the first weekend of April. This concept requires an aesthetic layout, which we will have after our April event. Ah it feels so good to come out of hibernation and be excited about your own oyster project! You can find out more details about our opening event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/544297599016178/


See I told you I had good reasons for being tardy with my posts 🙂

xo muchlove xo

Image credit: © Michel Laflamme


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