Hikes around Köln

Hikes around Köln

After about what feels like half of year being stuck indoors, thanks to COVID19, it was finally time to embrace the wilderness. During our week off we decided the safest route to take is stay local, away from the busy city and be in nature as much as possible. The solution, finding hikes around Köln.

I light of this, I have created a guide of my top 4 hikes around the Köln area. Firstly, downloading either the Komoot or OutdoorActive hiking apps will be very useful – as they will help you find more hidden trails, as well as keep you on course during your actual hike. I am also attaching photos I took during each hike to give you a feel for what you can expect. The digital maps next to each hike are the actual paths we took. If you download either app mentioned above you will right away be able to identify which route we took and how to get there.

Top 4 Hikes around Köln


There are many many hikes you can choose from in the Eifel National Park, we chose this route because it’s a great combination of physical endurance, sights and duration. The start point is right next to a Monastery where parking is plenty – they even have a restaurant for the brave to try out. The hike takes 2.5 from start to finish (8km) – almost no uphill hiking.


I have hiked in Altenahr twice and this is by far the best hike path. The key is to start earl(ish) and do not get discouraged by the short but steep climb at the beginning, you will be rewarded. Bonus, bring snacks and you can have a picnic in your very own hut in a middle of a meadow – it’s quite spectacular. The climb down takes you through the beautiful vineyards that the Ahrtal is known for. You can stop for a glass or two of vino once you reached the bottom. There is a lot of history in this area so be sure to also check that out. The hike takes 3.5 hours from start to finish (10km), including lunch break.

Hikes around Köln Altenahr


This hike is pure magic. It takes you around 5 lakes, each with its own unique personality. Some of the lakes have tiny boardwalks with benches which you can use to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Be sure to get here early though as the boardwalks tend to get occupied quite quickly. Don’t worry there will be plenty to enjoy even if you are late hiker – there are so many amazing sitting areas and nooks. The hike takes about 3.5 hours from start to finish (12km) and there is little to no uphill hiking.

Hikes around Köln Pingsdorf

Ohligser Heide

If you like horses, you will love this hike. The walk into the nature reserve takes you past numerous stables. Many boardwalks along the trail will lead you to small watering holes where frogs, birds, and HUGE dragonflies can be seen. The hike takes about 2 hours from start to finish (7km) with no uphill hiking. You can also ride horses in this reserve.

I hope you enjoy these hikes as much as I have! If you are looking for more adventures around Europe that is less touristy and more beachy – check out my post on a secret beach in Constanta.

The sun will rise again and so will we. Things will get greener. Things will get warmer. Everything will grow again and so will we.


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