how to build a bookshelf

Ideas can pop up when you least expect them. Last week when looking at the ‘typisch deutsch?’ exhibit here in Köln (side note: an English language interview with the artist is here), I saw a very nice white bookshelf filled with all kinds of books written by German authors. My mind wandered and then I thought, well we need a bookshelf just like this one at home.

So I decided to set out into the world and find materials to start building my very own white book shelf.

Here are some very important steps to follow, alongside the pictures:

  1. Sanding of the boards so that the paint can soak in nicely is key
  2. Find a suitable primer for the type of wood or product you are working with. Note that it takes about 6 hours for the primer to dry
  3. Once the primer is all dry, I find it best to do all your measuring and the drilling of holes now
  4. Then find a paint colour that you like and apply lavishly on your dismembered sides of the shelf
  5. Allow all sides to be completely dry – this is where you can test your patience
  6. Assemble your shelf – precise measuring really pays off here
  7. Hopefully you will have a tiny bit of paint left that you can then apply to the end of the screws so that it looks esthetically pleasing
  8. Now your books have a new home!

There are many other variations, but I wanted a simple clean-cut look. One thing to keep in mind is you will need a drill and an equilibrium ruler to make your life a lot easier.

happy books-sm


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