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Isla Española

Save the best for last! Isla Española and Bahia Gardner de Española are truly untouched wonders that are not as well known, hence the secret. Why? Due to the distance, most travel companies will not offer this island as part of their package. In order to see these gems there are two main requirements: spend minimum 5 days and find a tour operator which offers this island as part of their itinerary (a bit pricey). You will not be disappointed ! In fact, 80% of all fauna and flora endemic to the Galapagos islands can be found on this remote island.

What can you expect when you visit Isla Española…

Here are more fun fact about Isla Española:

  • it is the southernmost island of the Galapagos and one of the most spectacular. Due to its’ remote location, this island has a large population of endemic fauna
  • breeding site for nearly all of the world’s 12,000 pairs of waved albatrosses
  • trails from the golden beaches, where sea lions bathe and marine iguanas make their way towards the water, will lead you right through the middle of booby colonies, and Galapagos doves and mockingbirds are also often seen

But there is MORE …

Fun facts about Bahia Gardner de Española:

  • white sandy beaches at Bahia Gardner, great place for swimming. The rocks off the coast provide excellent snorkelling opportunities, with reef sharks, turtles and many species of tropical fish, including surgeon and angelfish, are often seen. The small white-tipped reef sharks are also often spotted resting under the rocks
  • one of the most beautiful beach in the Galapagos Islands
white sand beach

My Galapagos sharing tour has come to an end, but as always if you have comments or questions, leave them in the comments section below! I always love reading your opinions or questions 🙂 Who’s booking their Galapagos trip soon?

Look at this cute guy!

this seal pup is saying “bye bye!”

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