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When you read a name such as “Königswinter” you might think darkness and coldness… Well, although darkness is definitely part of the charm of this resort town one can also describe it as medieval architecture at its best.

The town itself circles a beautiful castle made by an archbishop of Cologne in the early 12th century called Steigenberger. Midway between this lavish castle and street level, we discovered a cave. Ok ok, we followed the rest of the German tourists to see what the fuss was all about. Here comes the darkness part: apparently they believed a dragon was living in this area at that time and that’s where it lived; in this cave. Once the dragon was killed everyone lived happily ever after. What I find most interesting about this town is after 1267 this cave supplied most of the stone for the building of the Cologne Cathedral! This stone was also responsible for the building of Schloss Drachenburg in 1882, which I visited and loved.

First of all, in order to get to Schloss Drachenburg one must take an ancient train climbing quite slowly to the summit point where this Schloss is located (by the way, Schloss means Castle). Why can you only ride in this ancient train? Because this town back, back in the day had its very own railway system, which closed in 1958. However, the ancient train carts you ride in today were the actual train carts that people used when the railway was fully operational! I find that so cool! (of course, one can also walk up, but it’s way more fun to do it in these little train carts, I think…). The Schloss itself has a sad story: it was built by a broker and a banker for them to live in it, but they never did. Now the State Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia owns it.

The Schloss itself is engorged in luxury. Everything from the location, to the car waiting to be driven, to the decor in each room, to the bell tower, to the lavish garden grounds! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind this little jewel! See tons of pictures below all representative of the entire area. One question though, who is allowed to drive the sheepishly gorgeous car? No one knows… Maybe I need to join a club whose main purpose is to drive lavish cars belonging to different Castles around Germany. That would be so good!

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