little renaissance town


In my previous Xmas post I mentioned that I will be writing about a town called Wasserburg in Bavaria. I am calling this town the ‘little renaissance town’ for obvious reasons. Please see photos.


At my first glance walking towards the little town from the bridge it screamed out “old Italian architecture”, although with a slightly medieval flair. The old stone buildings all have pastel colours ranging from pinks to yellows to blues and greens, mimicking the very same that can be found in some Italian towns. Turns out that apparently the Bavarian rulers of this town were once heavily influenced by Italian aristocrats and they invested a lot of money and time into building this beautiful town right by the river. An amazing sight it is. With small streets that have the capacity of fitting one car at a time, it can sometimes be less accommodating to daily tourists coming in and out, and parking can be a hassle, but all worth it. At the end of the day I am left thinking that I have to come back here in the summer!!


As an aside story: In this little town when a family has a new baby it is a customary tradition to hang out of their balconies baby clothes in the colour of the gender. The reason why I know this is that there were a lot of pink and blue baby clothes hanging outside of people’s balconies in December…

Both the cuisine and shopping in Wasserburg took me by surprise. With a lot of coffee shops serving the best Chai latte I have ever had to an array of Italian sandwiches to super modern gastronomic restaurant that could very easily be rated top 20 in Germany. Super high end stores can be found all along the winding streets.

Ah little renaissance town of Wasserburg!



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