london, part II

In a previous post on London I specified that I love London, well to prove it I went back! I wanted to visit a very close friend of mine that has recently moved to London which provided for a perfect opportunity to take in London again. And this time it was more of a culinary experience than last time. Of course, still inspiring but in a different sense…Well well well… so:

photo 6a


This time I flew into a different airport called Gatwick and decided instead of taking the fast train I would take the comfort bus. My findings were that if you are pressed for time the bus is not an option for you and although the bus conveniently drops you off at Victoria station which is smack in the middle of everything, you still have lost about 1hour and 20 mins on the bus. Side note, Gatwick airport is a rather smallish airport that often has super decent prices if you’re coming from within the EU (this airport due to size lacks international carriers).

As soon as I smelled the London air I thought fish ‘n chips – a must and this dish can be found in any pub.

The first night we went to a dinner place called Cafe Murano which was incredible! Hats off to the chef! I had a dish that my accompanied date did not approve but I enjoyed every second of it – rabbit tortelli and a huge glass of a rare, flown in that night from Antarctica beer, which name I can’t recall and probably it wasn’t Antarctica, but it was an impressive place nevertheless. My lovely date, had carnaroli risotto with summer truffles another huge success with a beautiful robust red. We topped off our dinner with an incredible shared dessert; Amalfi lemon tart. Feeling content and full we caught a double decker bus and we were on our way home to continue talking over a young but very stealthy honorable scotch.

rabbit tortelli

Day two: we were off to explore Seven Dials my favourite spot in London. First of all, it should be noted that Seven Dials is located literary next door to Covent Garden. And, the whole idea is quite basic, there are seven streets that all meet in the centre point, which has a column where a sundial faces each street – hence the name seven dials. But here comes the beauty, all seven avenues are filed with fabulous little stores, unique coffee shops, and exquisite restaurant that are all fairly priced. You can literally walk down one street go into an enticing shoe store to pick up some cheerful flats, then go down the street indulge yourself with a chai latte and carry on going in and out of clothing shops that make you want to buy all the merchandise in the stores. After a couple of hours of walking around, naturally, you need some relaxing from all the fun with a cocktail in hand. Great, excellent, and this is when we stumbled upon Covent Garden Hotel where they make a mean cocktail. Really, you ask them to make you something special and they will do it! Plus their cocktail menu is nothing to laugh about.

And then we were left being hungry again… oh where, oh where can one go close to seven dials and have a decent steak with sides and dessert? The hunger was getting the best of us, so we walked into Steak and Co. shared a huge steak with fries and a molten chocolate lava cake. Great night!

Day 3 we wandered around (a great way to discover little nooks) and then off I was back to Koln. The overall feeling was fantastic and I still really love London! Can’t wait to see what London part III has in store for me.


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