london, part III

I am a lucky person to be able to travel so much in one year! We all are lucky really in different ways and some more than others, but at the end of the day we all have something to be thankful for. I am personally thankful for being able to go to London three times in one year and be able to share my stories with all of you.

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London part III came about quite spontaneously and it ended up being an amazing experience. I will expand below on some of my main highlights but first I wanted to give out a special thank you to my London hosts/friends – indeed they were generous! Their home is conveniently central and allowed me to explore a different part of London – Earls Court, and being a 20 mins walk from Harrods who can complain, right?

Earls Court area offers a lot of interesting pockets of spaces among a family residential area. For instance, one can find Turkish stores in a small concentrated side street and if one walks further along an adjacent street one is amidst Asian stores selling a wide variety of goods. Not to mention the cute tiny cafes all gathered at almost every street corner, which is super helpful on a rainy day, and fantastic for people watching – which is what I did. Oh, and photographing – I also did that.

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One thing to note right off the bat is the pre-Christmas season downtown London is hectic and very busy! Yes, true, London is always busy, but this was a different kind of busy. I can describe this type of busy-ness as: knowing you have a very limited time and you need to get the most amount of shopping done and at the same time multi-task work, crossing the street and a screaming baby. It was chaos, really! So after dropping into three department stores we gave up and opted for a quiet, less touristy street: Shepherds Market in Mayfair. There are many cute cafes and pubs as you walk along the cobblestone streets. In London, part II, I mentioned an impressive restaurant with rabbit ravioli on their menu, so naturally we went back for more. Only this time they had changed things around a bit – and had rabbit risotto this time, which was pitch perfect. But we had to find a new place to get all excited about, which we did. This place is called 10 greek street in Soho and it’s delightful. They don’t take any reservations so many hungry customers were turned away, but we were lucky, after an hours’ wait they were ready for us! I included a picture of their menu below and I don’t think this place requires any further explanations – LOVE!

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One more pocket in London was also explored this time: Camden Lock Market, east of London ( Filled with lots of goodies and authentic yummy smelling food venders we spend the day here! So many venders selling their creations, like a man was creating women jewelry and men cufflinks out of dried fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (pic below). Another vendor had super cute baby and adult t-shirts with funny sayings on them. Others were selling their leather goods (bags, jackets and hats). This market often hosts concerts along with outdoor venues. Really, it’s a place of wonder… and it’s positioned perfectly among the river bank so that you can take a ferry back to central London. It’s actually quite cool but it was a chilly afternoon so we opted to take the tube back home.

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London III treated me well, but I am still hungry for more (picture below is a shot I took from my seat in the plane saying goodbye to this beautifully lit city)…

goodbye london ... for now

P.S.: My post about the bday Advent calendar has been nicely updated with more pictures – check it out and stay tuned for a special Xmas post coming near you soon!

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