london, you magnificient city you …

In light of yesterday being international happy day I have decided to share with you all our wonderful experience we had two weekends ago, in London.

Although it was quite the short stay nevertheless we were delighted to see our lovely friend Susan and experience London through our Savoy lenses.

There is something magical about walking through revolving doors and being surrounded by oil painted portraits hanging on walls, a sparkly chandelier, and the smell of the latest Hermès scent … We arrived and were looking forward to a walk through the London streets making our way to Tate when we were all absorbed in the Savoy lifestyle. With the many attentive staff members, dropping off our bags took oh I don’t know 5 minutes. And then we were off to explore on a sunny spring day!

Our first stop was the Tate Modern where modern art inhabited each room creating a vibrant mood of both sophistication and at time repulsiveness. We walk into a room on the 4th floor where the whole room was covered with massive intertwined cords that braided the wall and floor. Upon looking at the description cards it was mentioned that the cords were made from human hair – yucky right ? In an adjacent room huge cotton pillows, soft and fluffy like a bunch of clouds in the sky, filled the room.


A talented artist singing a Bon Iver song graced us as we walked along the river heading to a quiet coffee shop for some much needed catching up. Dinner was at a restaurant we visit quite often when we are in London. Café Murano delivers each and every time. Delightfully we sat at the bar enjoying gluten free bread with the best olive oil and sea salt. Yes, that’s right these guys have amazing gluten free bread! And their risotto – ma che bella! Their pork cutlet super succulent atop a sea of greens perfectly dressed with different seasonings. Yes, I did enjoy a glass of vino from Veneto 🙂


What can be better, you ask ? A long bath with lots of bubbles and yours truly got to enjoy them and a mini espresso. Nothing beats this ! I could safely say the mini bar was also quite the astonishment: Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles (oh I don’t know, could those be my favourite, yes!).

truffels me

Suddenly I felt like Eloise (a children’s book series where a girl lives at the Plaza hotel in Paris with her nanny while her parents are off working hard in another country. She does mischievous things and of course is able to get away with anything). I could totally embody this Eloise persona 🙂 []

The next day unfortunately we had to fly back but not before we walked around some more trying to take in the beautiful spring sunny day ! What a lovely lovely city London is with its charming hotels and clear blue skies ! And of course, the company always is my favourite thing. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Susan and until next time xo.

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