love tuner

A dear friend with an inspirational soul and longing for a change gave up his catering business in search of finding something greater in life. After a thoughtful, soulful search he has now found his calling. Below is an extremely well made short film that not only clearly represents Michael as a person, but takes it to the next level by answering what his calling is and the impact it will have! Through sound frequencies a tool (tuner) has been created that will allow people to communicate without actually communicating.

I am proud Michael Kraus and I know you are doing great things for people and the world!

Personal note: I find it quite challenging to describe an element or an object that defines the term ‘grounding’, but here I can relate to the subject by listening and hearing the messages from people that have experienced Michael’s love movement. I am donating to keep this journey alive because love is important and the unification of humans through love is necessary!

Great short film describing the movement:


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