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I wanted to start off this post by highlighting a new feature on the blog. Starting in November, you all will find an additional menu heading called ‘recipes’. I have been getting a lot of feedback from people asking me to post recipes of different dishes I make and I thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place. I am super excited about this and I can’t wait to hopefully create more interaction with my readers.

And now I want to take you all back to an adventure I had at the end of July in Südtirol. I started an earlier post describing one magnificent hike we took, now I would like to zoom in on some of our surroundings around the place we were staying, because it was full of magic.

From Dreikirchen (about a 2 hour hike downhill and then up again) would lead you to the beautiful waterfalls of Barbiano. Now, this hike itself is not strenuous and could be enjoyed by all fit types. As you walk along your gaze wonders from orchards to falcons to what look like abandoned cottages and lastly, the falls. The trick with the falls is to hike all the way up and enjoy the clean water at the very top otherwise you can be confronted by ‘certain smells’ at the very bottom of the falls. Here are some pics I took along the way and from the very top:

waterfalls waterfalls 2 IMG_3866

The way down the mountain will automatically lead you to the quaintest most adorable place ever and I couldn’t get enough of this place. Their patio area is amazing, their kitchen is super authentic (check photos below),  and their menu screams ‘come back!’- let’s face it the place is packed with history and it is called Hotel Briol.

IMG_3898 IMG_3876 FullSizeRender

We tucked ourselves in a sunny spot and ordered their speciality cake made from the fruits they grow in their backyard and their speciality rhubarb soft drink which packs in quite the freshness. We were actually back for lunch the next day to enjoy yet another one of their specialities – Tiroler Knödel (dumplings) filled with cheese and bacon. I could eat these Knödel with the local beer called Forst all day and be one happy camper! After the cake and soft drink we tiredly wandered back to our place – Dreikirchen Gasthof.


I was quite impressed by the quality of all the dishes I sampled throughout my stay at Dreikirchen. When it came time for dinner the chef would put together a five course meal, which was simply impressive. The ingredients were all local, super fresh and perfectly blended into a stylish menu. I must mention that local wine/schnaps is a must and in our case the chef would suggest an alcoholic beverage for the respective menu which worked out quite well! Some examples are below:

potato foam soup garnished with edible flowers
austrian stonepine schnaps


There are many special features that our guesthouse has, but one in particular I will use to end this post because, well, it’s divine. Our guesthouse had a pool overlooking a beautiful valley and surrounded by lots of evergreens, which we made good use of. Truly spectacular…!

IMG_3924 IMG_2992

Come back next week when there will be a fresh post about our forest walk around Dreikirchen and all the wonders we found! Until then I want to wish you all native Canadians a happy and satisfying Thanksgiving – gobble, gobble!


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