oh toronto

Growing up in Toronto I have my personal likes and dislikes about the city, however when I am away and I come back to visit Toronto it’s an entirely different feeling. I can describe it as a nostalgic panicked feeling that somehow, somewhere in me, lives a great realization that we are all working against time. Why does this feeling only arise in Toronto? Not sure, but here are some highlights from my last visit.

People will always draw me in and keep me locked into Toronto forever, I think. My good friends, this little cat below and my mother are some examples.

arleen the cat

This trip was all about personal bonding for me. I missed my people and mostly I missed people speaking English. So it was vital for me to get my fill of both! “Coincidentally,” it so happened to be Thanksgiving weekend where people get stuffed with a huge turkey and sides that make one go immediately into a food coma for a about two hours!

Back to the bonding topic: why is it that we as humans need to bond? Maybe it’s because our ancestors have developed over many centuries in communities and not as lonely individuals. I think a sense of community, and I can easily braid in the term friendship here because it works hand in hand, are important and sacred in many ways. For me personally, it is in my community/friendships that I truly find myself sharing and talking about delicate subjects that otherwise I wouldn’t feel comfortable expressing. I guess for me personally the notion of community stems from a deep-rooted personal belonging to a group that provides brief moments of isolation where expressing your vulnerability isn’t bad or scary, it’s just part of living. Although, with expressing my vulnerability comes a sense of, time is passing so get your shit together! Which is scary and gives me a weird sense of a never-ending struggle and sadness that one day this community, my community will no longer be there…

But there is hope, I call it metamorphosis. I am using this term quite lightly now, because I just realized how heavy-handed this post is becoming. I am choosing to associate my personal blog with the term metamorphosis, because from my last visit in Toronto and speaking truthfully within my community I realized that my blog needs a fresh cover and a focus. The focus will be travelling and food using of course a great visual tool, called photography.

Side note: my older posts will not be deleted. You will be able to find them under the ‘about’ section, because after all, they are part of me!

If there is one thing for me to be thankful for this year is my community/friendships!

Stay tuned for my metamorphosis blog! xo



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