oh what a world…

This week has been the first week in a long time that I actually felt motivated, busy and fully alert to all possibilities. These are the benefits I reap from my body gets used to my cleanse.

My week started off with my regular Deutsch classes, which by the way are super helpful and I can’t speak enough about the efficiency and the speed at which I am learning at – well done Insula! This Friday will mark the end of my A1 classes. On Monday I start A2, which apparently is supposed to be not as grammatically stuffed – whew!

All of a sudden things got really busy. I had an AIWCC meeting, finished off a small project (which hopefully will bring in more clients), landed a small job for 2.5h every Friday teaching two small kids English and a lot of administrative work required for getting myself connected more in Köln.

All in all my cleanse is keeping me alert, and responsive – all this, of course, without any coffee! Maybe I will stick to this regiment the whole year?! Although I would miss steak too much and a latte once in a while!!

Stay tuned for friday findings.


image © Mike Bernard


  1. Good Progress! I feel once you go without coffee you realize you don’t need it anymore. i went without coffee for a month once!! which is a good deal for, since i drink 4-6 cups a day.

    • I totally agree Slava, but there is something so good about a latte on a Sunday!! 4-6 cups a day wow — Have you tried substituting the last cups of the day with green tea? It could be something worth trying…

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