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oh toronto

Growing up in Toronto I have my personal likes and dislikes about the city, however when I am away and I come back to visit Toronto it’s an entirely different feeling. I can describe it as a nostalgic panicked feeling that somehow, somewhere in me, lives a great realization that we are all working against […]


then there was 200 and pink

What a great feeling it is to accomplish a huge task, get compliments and be hugely inspired to do more and more and a lot more!… That’s the best I could come up with to describe my recent involvement with a party I was hired to cater for – three beautiful ladies’ 40th birthdays! The theme of […]

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london, part II

In a previous post on London I specified that I love London, well to prove it I went back! I wanted to visit a very close friend of mine that has recently moved to London which provided for a perfect opportunity to take in London again. And this time it was more of a culinary […]


30th birthday

What do Montjuic Castle, Las Ramblas, a huge outdoor market, W Hotel, and Gaudi have in common? Fairly easy to answer: Barcelona, is where I spent my 30th birthday. What is it about people and turning a number greater than 2 that ends with a big 0 and needing to justify something to themselves by booking […]


our video

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, slight difference though in this case because it’s a video. This video signifies a major part of what is all about. I am really amazed to see people’s responses and I really hope we can influence people to eat better, understand food and push personal boundaries […]



Oh what joy it is to walk around a beautiful historic island, surrounded by narrow streets all intertwined around a massive lagoon. Where do you think I am? Venezia, of course! Last Easter weekend was spent enjoying the wonderfulness of this city tucked away in the beautiful Italia. We arrived at the Venezia airport at […]


The spring/summer season was opened with an off-the-chart five course picnic menu, which I am quite proud of. A lot of planning and work went into the hashing out of the details, but the end result made those 2 AM nights all worth it. I am also quite lucky to have found such a wonderful, […]



Oh boy, I want to move to London, if I can be guaranteed it will be sunny at least 60% of the time. No, seriously, our last trip to London was amazing and a huge thank you goes out to Susan! It was a nice warm sunny weekend where exploring was all that we did […]


come one, come all!

Come one, come all is the name of this game, or should I say Karneval! I wrote an earlier post documenting the start of the very famous Karneval here in Köln, which happened on November 11 @ 11:11, and I feel as though I should report on the closing ceremonies of this festival. Oh boy […]



What is it about Europe and sweets? Today, one day before the end of my cleanse, I had the biggest sweets craving in a long time. I guess I will have to extend my cleanse for a couple more days to make up for the sweets intake. How did the affair unfold? Super easy, I […]