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I can finally see the end of the tunnel with my event planning business. Website is up and running – business cards are on their way and the metamorphosis process begins. I am super excited for the fresh brand make over – and really I have to say Alexandra was a fantastic help when it […]

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a short, yet pleasant trip

Berlin has a special place in my heart. I see Berlin as the city that not only hosted Amma while she was on her European tour, but also introducing me to her personally, which allowed me to develop a strong connection. On this last trip we went for a little culture and food, food and more food. […]


one night in brussels

Although this was my third time in Brussels, the city offered a lot of delightful activities to keep me/us occupied for two days. Taking the Thalys from Köln to Brussels is probably your best bet; in two hours you are among the French/Dutch speaking people. The Bruxellois have an interesting flair. The resemblance between them and […]


name update

  After very careful consideration I have managed to come up with a name for my event planning business: being adelina events This is the best suited name! It’s me and it’s really where everything started. I have also decided to write about the process of creating this business with you to hopefully help out […]



   I come to all of you with a question this week. I want to create an event planning business here in Koln and I want some ideas on what to name it!


old amsterdam

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start with this post. There is so much to share and talk about! There we were all bundled up in our winter jackets and excited to hit the streets of Amsterdam, for you see we wanted to welcome 2015 with a new experience. So we did just that! […]



I have travelled to this place three times and each time I thought to write a blog post about my adventures. I haven’t written about Nuremberg until now because I was waiting to see the city in the winter. Even after I saw it this Christmas, this post has taken me quite a long time to publish. So I […]


christmas markets

Whether you are traveling for the first time to Köln or you’ve been here before during the month of December there is without a doubt a need to check out the Xmas markets. So when the first opportunity presented itself, I was all over both playing the tourist and enjoying all of it.


london, part III

I am a lucky person to be able to travel so much in one year! We all are lucky really in different ways and some more than others, but at the end of the day we all have something to be thankful for. I am personally thankful for being able to go to London three […]


’tis the season

It’s that time again of the year for: Christmas parties, gifts, card sending and, of course, advent calendars! A dear friend of mine has a birthday conveniently placed closely to advent calendar giving month. So I set out into the world in search of a unique gift that keeps giving all December long…