spring on the high line / damn, we’re in new york again!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture in the post entitled ‘art?’ asking where it was taken. The answer is the High Line in New York City! One of the best, most artistically profound, suspended above the city, incredibly landscaped outdoor walks I have ever taken. The High Line starts at Gansevoort Street…


cinque terre II

Here are more shots of the Cinques taken by two slighty more cautious tourists. Come hail storm or water, we will all be back to celebrate you, Cinque Terre. I will be sure to bring a bathing suit next time, though… Courtesy of Derek and Les – thank you for sharing!


cinque terre

The place where I almost died. I was travelling at the time through Italy with my dear close friend Oksana. We rented a car and drove to the most amazing places throughout Italy. Our trip started with two nights in Rome then we took the train to Florence where we picked up our car and…



Every Sunday deserves a picture indicative of how one feels on that particular Sunday. Here is a picture representing my Sunday gestimilations*. *gestimilation: an act of inspiration that exhibits traces of pondering and excitement both combined to create a feeling of natural reassurance. Yes, I made that up.


concrete hotel

Architecturally speaking I have always been fascinated how an architect can create an aesthetically pleasing structure and at the same time integrate it into its surroundings, be it a forest, the alps, the countryside, and so on.  My second fascination comes from understanding what certain materials do and feel like.  For instance, I had a…


good old times

I love walking. Walking helps things settle in my mind and forces me to take deep breaths. When I lived in Toronto I could often be found walking around Ward’s Island. It’s a short ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of the city. As soon as I would board the ferry I couldn’t wait to…


11.11 @ 11:11am

I toyed around with the idea of not writing about the most obvious topic occurring on November 11 of every year at 11:11am here in Köln. Then it dawned on me that in fact I should write about it only to highlight a key difference between Köln and North America regarding the date of November…


j a c o b s

According to my viewers, my Toronto category has been lacking a bit. So this post is for my fellow Torontonians. Think steak with fries, red wine and dessert. Not bad, right? Now how does this sound: Starter: Caesar Salad prepared at your tableside Main: Wagyu, California Cut Striploin Sides: Duck Fat French Fried Potatoes with…


a la tarte

A woman started making quiches and pies. With that vision she opened a charmingly bohemian café serving just that. For her, this café is a place she has always wanted to run. A la Tarte is more than just a coffee shop, it serves organically made pies, quiches, cakes and cookies made in-house every day…


haida gwaii

-inspirational self journey- is the simplest, truest statement I could come up with to describe my sailing experience in Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlottes) back in 2010. I will do my best to describe a paradise that should be experienced firsthand in order to understand its true beauty. The West Coast has been and…