rubber boots

I wonder who were the committee members of one should not wear rubber boots under any circumstances campaign here in Germany?

It’s pouring outside so naturally I decide to wear my rain boots. As I walk proudly through the streets thinking, ‘ah, my feet will be nice and dry’ I notice people looking at my footwear choice with great disapproval. I catch one lady actually turning around after she had passed me to check out if in fact she saw correctly that I am wearing rubber boots.

Rubber boots are considered a faux pas here in Germany and you will be stared at if you wear them. The only exception to this rule is if you are a kid. Oh, but wait a minute: bizarrely, Uggs are a huge yes..

Here is my perspective on the matter – I will continue to wear my rubber boots when it rains and not risk damaging my leather footwear and/or having cold wet feet.

Come on, you know you want to order a pair…..


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  1. Dry feet and not risking the chance of catching a cold for the sake of fashion (two thumbs up)… hold your head up high and wear your rubber boots proudly!

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